SCIP® on premise

A Hassle-free Private Edge Cloud Solution

With SCIP® On-Premise, we tailor the solution to your specific requirements, offering flexibility, scalability, and high-level performance. Choose from setups suitable for small, medium, or large enterprises, empowering you to focus on your business and customers.

Experience hassle-free hosting, secure data storage and IT infrastructure with Siprone’s on-premises solution.
Benefit from 24/7 active monitoring, proactive management, and a dedicated DevOps team to ensure smooth cloud operations.
Retain ownership of your data and hardware while enjoying the advantages of a public cloud, all at a simple and affordable cost.

Data Control

SCIP® On Premise keeps your data in-house, meeting industry requirements for data ownership.

Custom Performance

Tailor SCIP® On Premise to match specific needs, ensuring optimal operations across industries.

Budget Predictability

Fixed yearly fees help plan finances for stable costs, suitable for various industries.

Integrated Environment

Blend SCIP® On Premise with existing systems, fostering collaboration and efficiency across different sectors.

Secure Recovery

Automated backups and data redundancy mean dependable recovery for uninterrupted operations in any industry.

Freedom of Choice

SCIP® On Premise lets you stay flexible, avoiding vendor lock-in and adapting to your industry’s evolving needs.

Why SCIP® on premise?

We Ensure smooth Operation Of Your Cloud

Discover a Seamlessly Managed Private Edge Cloud Solution. Tailored to Boost Retail, Healthcare, and Utilities Sectors. Say Goodbye to Complexity and Embrace Effortless Cloud Management.

Your Retain Ownership

It doesn’t matter what your ideas are and how you want to work. We are happy to take care of the implementation in consultation with you.

Whether it’s hardware acquisition, management, or maintenance, you retain ownership of the hardware while we handle everything else.

Simple And Affordable

When you opt for a private edge cloud solution, you remain the owner of your digital and physical data.

At the same time, you enjoy all the advantages of a public cloud. It’s simple and affordable!

Regardless of the solution you choose, we collaborate with you to deliver the best fit for your specific requirements.

High level of flexibility

We offer the SCIP® Cloud on-premises solution in a CAPEX or OPEX model. Whatever your choice, we enable you to focus on what truly matters: your business and your customers.

Our role is to maintain the platform in a way that ensures smooth operations and keeps your data where you want it to be.

Our model is flexible, allowing you to scale up or down as needed. This provides you and your customers with a high level of flexibility.


Details of our packages

Small business


3 node setup:

640 virtual CPU

1.4 TB of memory

324 TB of storage

Big Business


6 node setup:

1600 virtual CPU

3.7 TB of memory

853 TB of storage


500 – 1000+

36 node setup:

6400 virtual CPU

15.3 TB of memory

3.4 PB storage

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